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    April 2018

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Russian and French foreign ministers discussed situation in Syria

  Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian discussed the situation in Syria and other issues during a phone conversation on Dec. 14, the Russian ministry said in a statement on Saturday. Source: Reuters  

Pentagon fears dangers of ‘risky flying’ by Russian pilots in Syria

The Pentagon is voicing growing alarm that the risky flying of Russian pilots in Syria could lead to a mishap – or even the nightmare scenario of a US jet shooting down a Russian warplane. Defense officials this week highlighted several recent close calls with Russian planes, including one

Map SDF progressing and the Battles in the east of Deir al-Zour

On Friday, 15 December, the Syrian Democratic Forces took control of the town of Abu Hardub and the entrance to the town of Abu Hamam in the eastern countryside of Deir Al-Zour after violent clashes with the ISIS In Deir al-Zour.  According to the correspondent of the “Step News” in

Clashes in the southern fronts of Damascus and Ghouta

On Friday, 15 December, several fronts south of Damascus and the western and eastern Ghuta are witnessing clashes and bombings. The correspondent of the news agency “Step News” Ziaa AL- Shami in the eastern Ghouta That ” The violent clashes took place at dawn today between the

An explosion in a mosque in Homs and Ahrar Al-Sham denounces

On Friday afternoon, 15 December , a number of civilians were injured  when a mine exploded inside the Hula mosque in the countryside of Homs, where it was planted in the pulpit of the big mosque of Teldo and exploded during Friday prayers. According to the correspondent of the agency “Step

A residential project in Kibasin, have you heard of it?!?

Frozen lake sounds terrifying sounds, what do you think ?!

15th of December / 10:24 AM

Asma al-Assad honors the DAB Robot team at the expense of the Syrian people again

15th of December / 10:23 AM

Look at the city of Tabaqah and Euphrates dam after the control of SDF & defeating ISIS

Violent battles between the Rebels and the regime forces in the neighborhood of Qaboun east of Damascus.

Side of rebels battles against ISIS in eastern Qalamoun and Syrian desert

Clashes between ISIS and Ahmad AlAbdo forces in the eastern Qalamoun mountains

Ahmed Alabdo forces storm the sites of ISIS in the eastern mountains of Qalmoun

Forced recruitment of children, crime participated by all the conflicting parties in Syria.

Syrian women were increasingly suffering

Is there still laughed in Syria ?? Watch with us

Saudi prisoner of ISIS with the army of commandos revolution in the Syrian desert

Side of the FSA battles against ISIS in the Syrian desert