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ISIL , gaining new positions east Homs, and casualties from regime side.

Friday 17th of March 2017 08:38:03 PM

Clashes between a regime and his militias still going on with IS members in multi areas in the east countryside of Homs, while both sides swapping the control of the areas with multi casualties from both sides, during heavy airstrikes from the Russian air force in the area.
today morning ,according to Step News agency there, regime forces managed to destroy suicide bomb car for IS before reaching Alryan crossroad on the road of Homs- palmyra. while IS declare the killing of 15 soldiers from regime during the ambushes IS member did in Albarda area east Alkariateen city, as some IS-linked sources confirmed today.

The reporter added ,that the clashes now between IS and regime near from one of regime points between Alheer castle and Alkaryteen town.

in the same context IS declare taking control of 5 regime’s sites ,in the surrounding area of Altellela town east Palmyra city. gaining 23 m.m Cannon , two trucks , T72 tank , and capturing 4 soldiers ,according to pro-IS sources.
The reporter added that Russian warplanes targeted with multi airstrikes The Arak Oilfield , in the countryside of Palmyra , and Altelela area during the first hours of today morning , while Jets still on this sky till now.
in another context Russian prime minister declared yesterday, the killing of another Russian soldier “Mikhail Shirokopoyase”, killed during the fights with IS fighters near from Palmyra city.

to be mentioned ,last Wednesday regime forces managed to take control of Syriatel hills , and the hills overlooking to Arak oilfield on the east side of Palmyra desert ,which force the regime to do surprise attacks on sites of regime forces during the last two days.



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