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mysterious Poisoning wave reached 1200 in Kanaker town ,in the countryside of Damascus.

Friday 17th of March 2017 08:38:03 PM

Kanaker town,in the countryside of Damascus, Exposed to germ poisoning wave or possible chemical expose,local sources confirmed that around 1200 people already have poisoning side effects , Associated diarrhea disease, vomiting, and fever, in some other cases with dizzy too.
The source added that “more that 10% of the cases , in critical conditions, and need hospital care,and 24-hour observation.while the medical drugs amount is only enough for 1000 case.
” Drugs completely drained , we are waiting for the next shipment, which supposes to enter today so we can continue the treatment process”, one of the medical in charge said.
till now ,the causative of the poisoning still unknown ,some believes its because of the water ,others said it’s because of some poison materials in the fruits and vegetables. and in the same context samples from fruits and vegetables been taken , looking for the main reason of this poisoning issue ,which exhausted the people in Kanaker ,especially in Ramadan , sample- analyzing results is not done yet.



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