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AlNusra Front and ISIL exchanging prisoners in the west Qlamoun as fist step for later deals.

Friday 17th of March 2017 08:38:03 PM

During the silent situation covers west Qalamoun area in the countryside of Damascus and Jeround-Arsal on the Lebanese border side and the stop of the fights between both NF and IS there , both have a deal to exchange prisoners included some of been detained from both sides from the people of Qalamoun and elders of the area after a pressure been made by the people of the camps there.

According to Step News reporter in the countryside of Damascus both NF and IS “Accepted a deal to exchange 7 of IS members for 5 of Nusra , after negotiations been made about details and the place of the exchange , and the deal ended successfully and been considered as a start of a later series other deals could be accomplished in the next few days too.

Reporter of the Agency also said that “the exchange deal which been accomplished in the in Ajram area in Jaeroud-Aersal leabanon, near from the Syrian borders , and the 5 prisoners of Nusa been detained before during ambushes to – Abo Yahya Alaskri – Headquarter in Jaeroud-Arsal previously ,after couple charges against him and a one called -Abo Hafez – mostly about trapped bombed motorbike been put in the play park near from Jearoud Arsal refugee camps , Deal also mentioned that both side with continue exchanging prisoners in the next few days after big pressure from the people of the camps , until the end of exchanging all prisoners from both sides,which is around 30 prisoners.”

Noteworthy to mention that Nusra front controlling wide areas from Jeround-Flita and Aersal the Lebanese side and some of Aljouba hills west Qalamoun and expanded between Syria – Lebanon borders ,NF also coordinating with Jabhat Shouhda Alsham ,which been established recently and works west Qalamount too , while IS controls wide areas from Jeround Qara and Jarajeer west Qalamoun , and some of Jeround Hills near from Qara , IS also have a groups with the leader of”Abo Alsous “in Jeroud-Ras-Balbek and in Jousia near from Alqousier south Homs.


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