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Meeting for the Kurdish parties in Khmeimim Russian base to form a caucus of Syrian Kurds

Friday 17th of March 2017 08:38:03 PM

Directed the Russian military Leadership represented by the commander of the Russian military grouping in Syria ” Alexander Dvor Nikov ” During the past two days, an invitation to the 27 Kurdish parties, including seven parties in the Kurdish National Council to participate in a working meeting of the Kurdish political parties in Syria at Thursday 15/12/2016 in Khmeimim Russian base , According to Step News Agency reporter in AlHasakeh “Yousef Yousef”

Agency reporter explained that the aim of Russia’s invitation is to achieve reconciliation between the Syrian Kurdish parties and the formulation of balanced positions and form a delegation “Syrian Kurds unified” to participate in the subsequent meetings of the National Dialogue General of the Syrian order to advance a peaceful political settlement process and strict observance of the rights of Kurds in Syria and that according to what has been communicated to officials of the Kurdish parties

In a related, the reporter pointed out that the Kurdish National Council has rejected the invitation and decided not to attend the meeting and to send a message to the Russian Foreign Ministry, stressing the importance of Russian role in a political solution in Syria and their aspiration to establish better relations with them , and the reason for rejection the meeting they do not know the content of the meeting, which had already made between the Russians and the Democratic Union Party and the Democratic Progressive Party.




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