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Step News correspondent mentions the details about the exit of civilians from Aleppo

Friday 17th of March 2017 08:38:03 PM

Eastern neighborhoods besieged Aleppo, ٍٍSome of Buses arrived last night for the movement of infected in the first installment to the countryside west of Aleppo
But for unknown reasons it has been postponed to exit later on Wednesday, the fourteenth of December or until further notice. According the Step News Agency correspondent, “Fatih Reslan”

In this morning, Director of Civil Defense “Ali Gomaa” in the city Alotarb confirmed to the Step news agency non-arrival of any bus carrying the wounded from Aleppo until this moment.

French Foreign Minister said, “there is ambiguity in the evacuation process in Aleppo and call for the deployment of observers,” as the United Nations has stated that it does not share the process of evacuating trapped in Aleppo, but was ready to help.

Our correspondent said the families trying to flee to areas controlled by the Regime forces, The forces arrested all the young people that tried to cross as families saw the field against the executions of dozens, including friends of mine , Not to mention the harassment of women

Where women have resorted to arms to defend themselves for fear of the incidence of rape of their right by sectarian militias, as the young people create sand berms to protect the remains.

Our correspondent reported that since yesterday evening has been stopped-fire between the two sides prepare to exit by the agreement between the opposition and the regime and under the auspices of Turkish Russian.



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