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Continuing Altifor battles and ISIS publishes anti warplanes on Palmyra hills

Friday 17th of March 2017 08:38:03 PM

Violent clashes broke between regime forces and ISIS around the village of Sharifa west of T4 military airport east of Homs in an attempt to ISIS regain control of it and around the fourth leg area without progress to any one, according to Step News reporter

According to Step News reporter, today the elements of ISIS put some machine guns anti warplanes on the surrounding mountains in the city of Palmyra to counter & jamming warplanes

Today the Russian warplanes launched several air strikes on area around the city of Palmyra and around Hojses area and Tayba town in the eastern countryside of Homs where the damage was confined to the materialism, While three civilians were killed and four others were injured after throwing the Syrian regime helicopters explosive barrels on Jabriyah village in the countryside of the city of Salamya

Worth mentioning that the regime forces regain control of Sharifa village of December 31, after heavy clashes, which the regime brought reinforcements from the town of Furqlus east Homs.



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