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Clashes in the southern fronts of Damascus and Ghouta

Friday 17th of March 2017 08:38:03 PM

On Friday, 15 December, several fronts south of Damascus and the western and eastern Ghuta are witnessing clashes and bombings.

The correspondent of the news agency “Step News” Ziaa AL- Shami in the eastern Ghouta That ” The violent clashes took place at dawn today between the forces of the regime and the Failak AlRahman on the front of the town of “Ein Tarma” amid artillery shelling targeted the area”.

And renewed shelling of mortars this afternoon on the residential neighborhoods of the town, while other clashes took place this afternoon Between the Army of Islam and the forces of the regime on the axis of “Al Bulbul and Nashabiya” in the area of ​​the Marij in conjunction with the artillery shelling of the regime targeted residential neighborhoods in the town of Nashabiya, resulting in a number of civilian casualties.

In the western Ghouta, our correspondent reported that the factions of the “Union of the forces of Jabal Al-Sheikh ” are killed three Soldiers of the regime sniper forces on the outskirts of the village of Mazraat Beit Jinn in Jabal Al-Sheikh, at afternoon of today

There are ongoing clashes between the opposition forces and the regime forces near the farmhouse of Beit Jann.

In response to the shelling of civilian houses at the Beit Jinn farm, fighters in Jabal al-Sheikh targeted the regime’s strongholds and popular committees in the vicinity of Sa’saa (the Hanawi) checkpoint with rocket launchers investigating direct injuries.

And moved to the south of the capital Damascus, our correspondent talked about the clashes today between the opposition forces and  ISIS on the axis of the “AL-Masbah” on the outskirts of Yarmouk camp from the town of Yilda, While a member of the opposition was killed by sniper of ISIS on the same axis. On the other hand, the regime forces targeted heavy machine guns last night on the thirtieth street in Yarmouk refugee camp.

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